xoxo, love!

just after spending soooo much time on tumblr, i just want to get back here and well write a little piece of... whatever.

omg tumblr i love you, you are so much better than blog (this is just my own preference). let me tell you a little story. idk if anyone read it or nobody read it, i dont really care because i just want to write so bad.

so, in december until now (well, idk if it's december or before) i just really in love with 12 flawless, perfect, charming, good looking boys. know what i mean? yep, its exo! ^^

idk how i fell in love with them but.. suddenly i just really enjoyed listening to their songs, and then i started knowing their names, learning their faces, learning their ages and position in exo (i mean like lead singers, rappers, etc).

firstly, i stucked on luhan. damn, he's just so cute, yet he's turning 24 this year. it's just doesn't make any sense! he's chinese and his real name is Lu Han. he's a member of exo m and his voice is great.

he's cute right?

but then, i rewatched wolf mv (which i havent stop watching it every day, lol), i noticed the weird-hair guy. this guy..

it made me frustrated how i dont know his name. but then i learned their faces. then i figured out that is kai kim jongin!
he's the coolest guy i ever seen in exo before i know other members.
want some cool guy? (what's this)

it's the same guy! it's jongin! he's cute too right~~
he's the dancing machine of exo. plus, he and shinee's taemin is a good friend. he is now 20 years old and just having his 20th birthday on late january. and btw he's a member of exo k, and he's korean.


i started to watch exo's showtime. because i don't know where to watch it, i searched it on youtube and found a subbed version. then i watched the first episode.
that episode when they just started their own show with gathering on a restaurant (or maybe just a place), then they introducing themselves.

that's when i stucked on this cute kung fu panda! i stucked on tao! which is why i named my tumblr perf-pandaa. tao is the maknae (the youngest) of exo m. he is chinese and still need to work on his korean. i do understand that moment you dont understand what people say (lol, jk).

he likes to take selcas! and.. he knows martial arts. he do wushu. he started practicing it since he's just a little boy (?) so you cant doubt his skills! kekeke (?)

okay, let me skip this story until january.
i started to bought kpop things online. i bought xoxo repackage version which includes growl. i bought it on january and arrived at 14th february. i was really excited back then. i made an unboxing video with my friend, who also bought kpop things and arrived at the same time. that video was a mess because i keep screaming weirdy (?). I GOT CHEN'S PHOTOCARD, EVERYBODY! *sings suddenly*. that photocard made me realize how cool is chen's voice.

then on late february i bought a limited edition photoset. it was sm town week photoset. it includes all 12 members' photo. that photoset arrived on friday after i went home after school event. the price is 285k. it's a little expensive, but since it's limited, i'm fine with it xD

uhm, okay. i have to go resting because school is coming tommorow. annyeong! ^^


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